Finding Beauty Skin Care Secrets

Like the rest of ordinary mortals, the rich and famous are also into health beauty skin care ostensibly to enjoy beautiful, radiant and smooth skin at any age. Yet another thing that we share with the rich and famous is the following five products used for an affordable, effective and easy-to-adopt beauty skin care regimen.

First, face creams made with placenta proteins are getting raves and for good reasons, too. These products have been scientifically proven to stimulate skin renewal, fight antioxidant stress and lessen the appearance of fine lines, thanks to their abundant amounts of active enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins.

Second, coffee grains are given new life, so to speak, as a body scrub. Although coffee as a beverage is a hotly debated topic in the beauty skin care industry – some say that coffee should be avoided because it dehydrates the skin while some say that coffee in moderation is good for the skin because of its antioxidant content – its grains are effective additions to exfoliating products.

Halle Berry asserts that adding coffee grains to her regular body wash makes her skin look brighter and feel softer. This is because the grounds exfoliate the dead skin cells while also stimulating microcirculation. You are well advised to add this to your notebook on bizarre yet effective skin care tips.

Third, milk has reportedly been used by Cleopatra in her daily bath. Cindy Crawford is said to spritz her face with milk for hydration purposes.

The rationale is actually simple: Milk is rich in fats, which are good for nourishing the skin.

Fourth, olive oil has several nutrients that nourish skin, not to mention that it is a great liquid to moisturize skin. Julia Roberts allegedly soaks here hands in olive oil to not just to soften her skin but also to nourish her nails and cuticles.

Fifth, mint extract and chili seeds stimulate blood flow, thus, making lips swell. Mariah Carey is said to add a few drops of mint extract into her regular lip-gloss for lip plumping purposes.

When you come to think about it, the most effective acne skin care tips you will ever hear are to use the right products, to let your skin breathe, and to keep your hands off your face as much as possible. Remember these oily skin care tips and you should be just fine.

Who says that you need an army of dermatologists and wads of money to have beautiful skin like the stars? Experiment with these five affordable beauty skin care products and watch what happens.

Fourth, use the right kind of makeup to cover your zits and other imperfections. You are well advised to invest on the right acne skin care products even when these are expensive; your skin will appreciate the break from the usual makeup products.