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It Feels Good to Be Living Again

When you lose someone you love, life really cannot get any worse. It was irritating to get threatening letters in the mail and endless phone calls from bill collectors, but my grief really did not allow for those things to penetrate my life because I was missing my husband so much. He was sick for a couple of years, and the medical bills just kept racking up as we tried to save his life. He lost his life anyway, and I was heartbroken. About a year later, I finally contacted a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney because I realized that I was hurting those who are closest to me.

I never neglected our children during this time of grief in the traditional ways, but I realized I was hurting them by not living life to the fullest, just as my husband would have wanted us to do. I knew the first thing I had to do was try and get rid of all the medical debt that we had. There was just no way I could afford to pay all of it. His meager life insurance policy was enough to pay for the funeral and to help me pay off the car loan and some of the mortgage. There was just not enough to pay everyone though.

I made an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney, and he went over all my options with me. I was a good candidate for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and he took care of all the paperwork for me. That was such a load off of me, and I honestly did not realize just how much it was weighing me down through all of this. With a fresh start, I was able to slowly come out of my grief and focus 100 percent on my children. I will always love and miss my husband, but it does feel good to be back in the land of the living again too.